At Niepraschk Orthodontics, we strive to give our patients a reason to smile! We’ve provided orthodontic services to residents of Littleton, CO since 2010, helping each person achieve the smile they’ve always wanted to have. From traditional braces and clear aligners, to orthodontic surgery and sleep apnea treatments, we tailor every service to each patient and their unique oral health. From straighter teeth to lifelong positive health outcomes, we’re your complete orthodontist and your partner in wellness.

    Complete Orthodontic Services for Patients of All Ages
    Too many people wake up each day feeling self-conscious about their smile. They have crowded teeth or an overbite, or they’re just not happy with the alignment of their pearly whites. If you’re one of them, stop looking in the mirror and wishing for the perfect smile: call Niepraschk Orthodontics and let us help you create it! As a full-service orthodontist, we’ve helped countless teens and adults throughout Littleton, CO correct their teeth and gain the confidence that comes with a smile they’re proud of.
    Our orthodontic services are always tailored around each individual patient, and we do it all to give you the best possible smile. From traditional metal braces, to modern-day braces with ceramic brackets and, of course, Invisalign clear aligners—our top priority is getting your teeth straighter and spaced accordingly. Dealing with an overbite or other type of malocclusion? We bring our patients state-of-the-art dental appliances to help correct these issues, and we’re a renowned orthodontic surgeon with the ability to correct even the most severe cases. 
    What sets us apart is our commitment to your total wellbeing: not just how your teeth look. We want you to smile wide, chew and swallow pain-free, sleep soundly at night and be able to take care of your oral health each and every day without any obstacles. We know that healthier teeth are the gateway to a happier life. Come visit us today and let’s start the journey to better dental health together. We’re not just your orthodontist: we’re your partner in wellness.
    • We specialize in both traditional braces and clear aligners, including Invisalign.
    • We offer innovative sleep apnea treatments, including Dentofacial Orthopedics.
    • Our two-phase treatment for developing orthodontic issues can help parents save money!
    • We’re temporomandibular joint specialists, treating each person’s individual TMJ/TMD.
    • Every service we offer is completely tailored to the individual patient and their health.
    Show Off a Winning Smile
    Just like fingerprints, no two smiles are the same. It’s time to show off yours with confidence! Contact Niepraschk Orthodontics today and let us help you bring it to the surface, so you can feel confident smiling each and every day.
    Meet Dr. Kurt Niepraschk

    The orthodontic profession
    provides me the opportunity
    to give back to my community
    and hopefully affect the lives
    of many in positive ways.
    Our patients throughout Littleton,
    Denver, and Highlands Ranch, CO
    are the best! Each day is so rewarding
    because of the relationships
    I have with patients and their
    families. I hope to provide each
    patient with a beautiful smile
    and a positive outlook on life
    doesn’t end when they leave my
    office but will continue with them
    through all aspects of their lives.



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