Before & After

Traditional Braces


Phase 1 Early Treatment

Underbite (Skeletal)

This case illustrates an upper jaw deficiency resulting in an underbite. We have a small window of opportunity to address an underbite (Non-Surgical or Non-Extraction) that is related to a jaw discrepancy. For this case we are using Facemask Therapy to help gain positive Overbite and Overjet. In just 2.5 months time we were able to obtain the results below. This patient is still in active treatment but was very excited when she was no longer in the underbite position.Underbite-(Skeletal)

Underbite (Dental)

This patient presented to our office with an anterior crossbite. In this case we can illustrate the difference between the previous case which was a Skeletal problem (Discrepancy of the Jaws) versus in this case the patient is in an underbite due to a dental problem (Upper teeth are in a retroclined position). This patient is still in active treatment. The time between the start and progress photo is only 6 weeks. In that short amount of time Dr. Niepraschk was able to gain positive overbite and overjet resulting in improved function and esthetics.Underbite-(Dental)

Failed/Delayed Eruption

This case illustrates a failed eruption process of the patients upper left central incisor. Even though he was only 10 yrs of age the patient was concerned with the esthetics of having only one central incisor. We were able to make a small window through the tissue to help the incisor erupt into its correct position. The patient was thrilled with the final esthetic results.FailedDelayed-Eruption

Unilateral Posterior Crossbite

This case illustrates a narrow upper arch with a crossbite on the back teeth on one side only. Due to the narrow arch the patient is shifting her lower jaw to the right thus causing the crossbite and a shifting of the midlines of her teeth. In this case Dr. Niepraschk was able to expand the upper arch and do some minor tooth alignment to give her a great smile. Crossbite

Crowding with Deepbite

This case illustrates the large amount of crowding that can occur in a young patient (9yrs of age). The lower arch photo demonstrates that there is no space for the lower canines to erupt. The patient also presented with a 100% overbite (Deepbite). Dr. Niepraschk used expansion and limited braces to help address these issues. No extractions were needed. The patient was able to finish with increased space for the teeth to erupt and an improved healthy smile.

Thumb Sucking Habit

This case illustrates the effects of a late thumb sucking habit. Some of the more common side effects of this habit are: Narrowing of the upper arch/development of a cross bite on the back teeth, anterior open bite, protrusion of the upper front teeth, and spacing of the upper front teeth. If caught at a young age some of the effects can be reversible without doing anything but stopping the habit. If not then the habit can cause skeletal deformation of the upper jaw. In this case we were able to use a combination of habit appliance therapy, expansion, and limited braces to help improve her smile and function. Thumb-Sucking-Habit

Ectopic Eruption

This case illustrates an ectopic eruption of a permanent tooth. This eruption pattern can happen in a case with crowding and non-crowding. In this case there was sufficient room for the tooth to erupt but the upper left lateral incisor erupted labial to the primary tooth. Our treatment plan consisted of Phase I treatment with limited braces in the upper arch and extraction of the primary upper left lateral incisor. This greatly improved the alignment of the anterior teeth.Ectopic-Eruption

Comprehensive Treatment

Jaw Asymmetry (Surgical)

The patients chief complaint was that he didn’t like his smile and his bite didn’t fit together very well. This case illustrates the successful esthetic and functional results from a Surgical/Orthodontic Treatment. The upper was too narrow and didn’t coordinate well with the lower arch causing a lower shift to the left. After using Full Braces we were able to coordinate his treatment with a local Oral Surgeon who used a One Jaw Surgery to coordinate the upper and lower arch to an ideal position.Jaw-Asymmetry-(Surgical)

Crowding Non-Extraction

This case illustrates crowding with poor upper and lower arch coordination and a midline discrepancy. Dr. Niepraschk was able to treat this case without extractions. The patient couldn’t be happier about the result without having to take out any teeth.Crowding-Non-Extraction

Narrow Arches

This case illustrates constriction of the upper arch. Narrow arches can lead to dental crowding and poor smile esthetics. Dr. Niepraschk was able to broaden the arches and the patient finished with a beautiful broad esthetic outcome.Narrow-Arches


This patient presented with a chief complaint of spacing between his teeth. He also presented with upper tooth rotations and increased overbite. Below we can see the improved result after closing the spaces and improving the overbite. The patient was thrilled about the results and loved his new smile!Spacing

Spacing With Missing Teeth

In this case our patient presented with multiple spaces in the upper and lower arch. This was due to the fact that he was congenitally missing 4 upper and 2 lower permanent teeth. During the treatment Dr. Niepraschk was able to isolate the spaces, provide a more esthetic result, and prepare the sites for future tooth implants. Post treatment we made the patient a retainer that replaced all the missing teeth. The results were great and helped increase our patient’s confidence in his smile.Spacing-With-Missing-Teeth

Class II Malocclusion

This challenging case illustrates the correction of a posterior bite that is misaligned where the upper teeth are nearly a tooth farther forward in relation to the lower teeth. Dr. Niepraschk was able to correct his bite, giving him a great function and beautiful smile. Notice how well the back teeth fit together after treatment.Class-II-Malocclusion


This case illustrates a bite that is very deep in the anterior which can cause excessive strain on the jaw muscles and TMJ. In cases like this our focus is to primarily to improve overall function and decrease the overbite. Overall alignment of the teeth is an added bonus. Dr. Niepraschk succeeded in providing a beautiful and functional smile for this patient.Deepbite