Forsus™ Treatments

Forsus Treatments

The Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device helps eliminate excessive overbites while improving the fit of teeth. There is also the possibility it can prevent the need for jaw surgery or TMD orthodontics.

Forsus treatments are installed in one appointment and your treatment begins right away. Plus, you won’t need to remember to make daily adjustments because the appliance provides a continuous, light force to move your jaw and teeth into their correct positions.

Forsus treatments do not bow into the cheek like other Class II correction appliances. What’s more, your speech and eating habits won’t be affected. The best part about the Forsus appliance is that there is no external apparatus (headgear) required. It sits in the back of your mouth, so no one will even notice it’s there.

You’ll be able to continue your oral hygiene habits as usual without worrying about cleaning around a bulky appliance. Be sure to brush after every meal and avoid hard and sticky food.

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