Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments

During adolescence, it’s important to watch your child’s oral development for signs of any complications—things like overcrowding that could lead to bigger problems in adulthood. At Niepraschk Orthodontics, we’re quick to stay on top of these developments with two-phase orthodontic treatments.
Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments
Two-phase orthodontic treatment combines tooth straightening with physical, facial changes—resulting in improved functional and aesthetic stability throughout your child’s life. This approach allows us to provide lasting relief for Littleton, CO patients before developing problems get bigger. 


Phase One: Identifying Orthodontic Conditions

Phase One treatment occurs during early jaw development, to accommodate permanent teeth while improving the fit between the upper and lower jaws. We take a comprehensive approach to identifying problem areas and understanding how to address them. 
  • Maintaining records. At your child’s first visit, our staff will determine if treatment is necessary. If so, initial visits typically consist of molds of teeth, X-rays and photographs.
  • Planning for growth. We strive to plan for the prevention of the removal of permanent teeth later in life and surgical treatments to realign the upper and lower jaws.
  • Resting period. During the resting stage, permanent teeth are left undisturbed as they erupt. A clear eruption path indicates success during the first phase.
  • Observation period. The removal of primary teeth may be required. To determine if this is necessary, patients typically come back at six-month intervals for observation.

Phase Two: Treating Orthodontic Conditions

During the beginning of the Phase One, orthodontic records were made. The goal of the Phase Two is to ensure all remaining teeth have space and will function properly together. Phase Two starts after all permanent teeth erupt. At this time, we typically recommend braces and will work to create a comprehensive orthodontic correction plan that results in a healthy, confident smile.

Don’t Delay Orthodontic Treatments

Delaying two-phase orthodontic treatments can lead to the need for more invasive care later in your child’s life. Early treatment can often help accomplish the lasting results we desire for each patient. To learn more about how being proactive with orthodontic treatments can help improve overall oral health, contact Niepraschk Orthodontics today at (303) 978-1316.