Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments in Littleton, cO

Two-phase orthodontic treatments combine tooth straightening with physical, facial changes—resulting in improved functional and aesthetic stability throughout your child’s life.

Two-Phase Orthodontic TreatmentsDelaying Treatment

Delaying treatment can cause more invasive care later in your child’s life. Early treatment can often help to accomplish those lasting results we desire for each patient.

Phase One

Phase One treatment occurs during early jaw development, helping accommodate for permanent teeth while improving the fit between the upper and lower jaws. As children grow, warning signs of jaw problems can be seen by a professional. Niepraschk Orthodontics has years of experience in recognizing these warning signs in Littleton, Denver, or Highlands Ranch, CO.

Planning For Growth

The benefits of early two-phase orthodontic treatments include the prevention of the removal of permanent teeth later in life and surgical treatments to realign the upper and lower jaws.

Maintaining Records

At your child’s first visit with Niepraschk Orthodontics our staff will determine if treatment is necessary. If so, initial visits typically consist of molds of teeth, X-rays, and photographs.

Resting Period

During the resting stage, permanent teeth are left undisturbed as they erupt. A clear eruption path indicates success during the first phase. Without this early first phase treatment, teeth could possibly remain impacted or severely displaced.

Observation Period

The removal of primary teeth may be required during the resting phase to facilitate eruption. To determine if this step will be necessary, patients typically need to be seen at six-month intervals for observation.

Phase Two

During the beginning of the first phase, orthodontic records were made. The goal of the second half of two-phase orthodontic treatments is to ensure all remaining teeth have space and will function properly together. Phase Two starts when all permanent teeth erupt. At this time, braces are typically recommended. Soon this process will result in a beautiful smile for your child.

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